Time for the giveaway I promised! So. Hetalia stationaries! There will be two winners who will get a notebook, a set of four bookmarks, two pencils, and two erasers (click images to enlarge) picked at random each.

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  • For more information on these stationeries click here: eraser, bookmark, pencil, notebook.
  • Ends 29th July 2014, 3pm GMT.
  • I’ll be messaging the two winners at midnight Tokyo time so please have your ask box open.
  • The winners will have only 24 hours to reply before I look for another winner.
  • I ship internationally so you’re going to have to be comfortable with giving me your full name and home address.

I’m not sure how well this giveaway is going to go but do feel free to send me a message if you’re unsure about anything.

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赤い糸 [Akai Ito]


A quiet beep sounded from Gilbert’s watch and he looked up to see that the light coming through the window had turned a deep orange. He leaned back in his seat on the couch in order to stretch and caught a glimpse of Kiku sitting at the table in his bedroom, leaning over a drawing with which he was obviously engrossed. 

The German man dog-eared the page in Kiku’s copy of Hobutsushu he had been reading in order to stand up and make his way into the other room. Even as he sat back down again, this time on Kiku’s right in order to look over his shoulder at what he was working on, the artist didn’t stray from the steady lines he was inking over with a thin black pen. 

Gilbert watched for a while, adjusting when Kiku needed to move and occasionally moving markers and toning paper closer when it was required. He got up once to turn a second lamp on, but otherwise didn’t move from his place at the young man’s side, his hand subconsciously resting at the hem of Kiku’s shirt as a sort of comfort. The sky outside was dark when Gilbert finally spoke up. Kiku was running a thick red line along the space between the two people he was drawing. 

"So what is the story behind that red string?" 

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I just need to follow some PruPan shippers!!!!!

こんにちは、alles zusammen, my name is Mai and I just started this account just because I love PruPan so much that I need somebody to talk to, and I want PruPan or APH on my dash!!!!!!!!! (let’s just admit, they are sadly the minor paring even tho they…

KYAAAAAHHH, [ intense extreme scream of doom?? ] I’m part Japanese and I love Prupan too ;w; I FOUND YOU BAE [ cough ] Sorry ;u; I’m just so happyyyyy! Oh, I hope we get along! ;3 Thanks for the follow too >\\